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PhysPAG Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

Past Meetings

  • The 18th Divisional meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD 18),
    13–17 September 2020, Tucson, Arizona
    (UPDATE: Due to the corona virus pandemic, this meeting has been CANCELLED)

  • APS April Meeting 2020,
    18–21 April 2020, Washington, DC

    • Meeting Schedule [Full Agenda]
      • Physics of the Cosmos & PCOS Program Analysis Group Town Hall [Agenda]
      • Inflation Probe SIG Minisymposium [Agenda]
      • Gravitational Wave SIG Minisymposium CANCELLED DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC [Agenda]
      • X-Ray SIG Minisymposium [Agenda]
      • Gamma Ray SIG Minisymposium CANCELLED DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC [Agenda]
  • 235th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society,
    4–8 January 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Meeting Schedule [Agenda]
    • Saturday, 4 January 2020
      • NASA Joint PAG Session [Agenda]
        1:15 P.M.–2:45 P.M., Room: Coral Ballroom 1 [Hilton: Mid-Pacific Conference Center]
      • NASA PCOS & PhysPAG Session [Agenda]
        3:15 P.M.–4:45 P.M., Room: Rainbow Suite [Hilton: Rainbow Tower]
    • Sunday, 5 January 2020
    • Tuesday, 7 January 2020
      • Gravitational Wave SIG Session [Agenda]
        9:45 A.M.–11:15 A.M., Room: 303A
      • MMA SAG Session [Agenda]
        1:15 P.M.–2:45 P.M., Room: 303A
    • Wednesday, 8 January 2020
      • X-ray SIG Session [Agenda]
        9:15 A.M.–10:45 A.M., Room: 303A
      • Gamma-Ray SIG Session [Agenda]
        1:15 P.M.–2:45 P.M., Room: : 303A


Program News and Announcements

9 November 2020
SMD Community Town Hall on Tues 17 November to discuss updates to the Agency-wide science program. »  Details.
6 November 2020
NASA Fundamental Physics Program Virtual Town Hall on 3 December 2020, to discuss research priorities in advance of the Biological and Physical Sciences Division Decadal Survey. »  Details.
5 November 2020
Call for proposals for Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon (PRISM). Step-1 Proposals are due 11 December 2020. »  Details.
28 October 2020
Call for proposals on Open-Source Tools, Libraries, and Frameworks. »  Details.
28 October 2020
Revised Text and Due Date for NuSTAR General Observer Program Cycle 7. »  Details.
22 Oct 2020
Principal Investigator Launchpad workshop in Summer 2021, targeted toward researchers developing their first flight mission concepts. »  Details.
21 October 2020
Revised submission date: Applications Sought for PhysPAG Executive Committee. Submissions now due November 6. »  Details.
14 October 2020
Astrophysics Explorers Announcement of Opportunity Community Announcement »  Details.
17 September 2020
NASA announces major revisions in Astrophysics Research and Analysis opportunity. Due dates remain unchanged. »  Details.
29 July 2020
Community Announcement: Intention to Amend ROSES-20 via a Future Appendix for Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon (PRISM). »  Details.
27 July 2020
Snowmass 21 planning underway, with several topical groups on PCOS-related science. »  Details.
23 July 2020
New deadline set for JWST Cycle 1 General Observer proposals. Proposals will be due by 08:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on Tuesday November 24, 2020. »  Details.

Project News

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