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Gamma Ray Science Interest Group

The goal of the Gamma Ray Science Interest Group (GR SIG) is to provide quantitative metrics and assessments to NASA in regard to current and future needs of hard X-ray and gamma-ray astrophysics community. Specifically, the activities of the GR SIG include:

  • Act as a focal point and forum for the hard X-ray and gamma ray communities.

  • Organize bi-weekly telecons to discuss recent science results, and current and future missions.

  • Maintain a list of technology needs for future hard X-ray and gamma-ray missions.

  • Produce suggestions to help support the specific needs of this unique community: organizational, scientific, funding.

Gamma-Ray Missions

  • Table of Current, Funded, and Proposed Gamma-Ray Missions.
  • Gamma-Ray SIG Membership

    The GR SIG is open to all members of the community. If you are interested in contributing to the work of the GR SIG, please subscribe using the link below. You can contact the GR SIG members Justin Finke (NRL) at justin.finke@nrl.navy.mil, Eric Burns (Louisiana State Univ.) at erickayserburns@gmail.com, and Manel Errando (Washington U. St. Louis) at errando@wustl.edu.

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    GR SIG Meetings

  • Upcoming Meetings

  • Previous Meetings

  • GR SIG Mailing List

    Subscribe to the GR SIG mailing list.

    White Papers for Decadal Survey

    A list of submitted Gamma-ray Science white papers can be found here: https://pcos.gsfc.nasa.gov/sigs/grsig/whitepapers.php

    Decadal Science White Paper Meetings

  • GammaSIG WP Telecon
    Friday, 8 Dec 2018, 4:00 P.M. EST
    • Discussed status of WPs facilitated by GammaSIG
  • GammaSIG White Paper Workshop
    Monday, 1 October 2018
    Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Organizational Telecon
    Wednesday, 1 Aug 2018, Noon Eastern
  • Gamma-ray SIG Workshop for Decadal Survey Science White Papers
    23–24 May 2018
    at George Washington University
  • GR SIG Telecons

    Sign up to give a presentation(s) or suggest a topic/speaker(s) that you would like to hear for future telecons?

  • Thursday, 25 Jan 2018, 2:00 P.M.–3:00 P.M. Eastern
    • Two 15-min talks:
      • Dr. Bruce Grossan (Berkley) will talk about The Future of Gamma-Ray Burst Science [PDF].
      • Dr. Jeremy Perkins (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) will present Burstcube [PDF].
    • Open discussion
  • Thursday, 14 Dec 2017, 2:00 P.M.–3:00 P.M. Eastern
    • The role of the NASA Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group (PhysPAG) and the Gamma-ray Science Interest Group (GammaSIG).

    • Steering Committee members needed for the new Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Science Analysis Group (MMA-SAG)

    • Two 15-min talks on HAWC/Fermi science:
      • Dr. Petra Huentemeyer (Michigan Technological University) will talk about HAWC results and the importance of lower energy gamma-rays to support HAWC science.

      • Dr. Giacomo Vianello (Stanford University) will present the current joint analysis efforts and the synergies between HAWC and Fermi [PDF].
    • Open discussion

  • Thursday, 16 Nov 2017, 1:00 P.M.–2:00 P.M. Eastern
    Two talks on Gravitational Wave/Gamma Ray Burst observations and discussion (20 minutes each and remainder discussion):
    • Black and Gold: The Astrophysics of the Compact Binary Merger GW170817/GRB170817A. Dr. Leo Singer (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) [PDF]
    • The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor Aspects of GW/GRB Detections, and the vision for the future to support this research field. Dr. Colleen Wilson-Hodge (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and PI of the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor) [PDF]

    Previous GR SIG Chairs

    Bindu RaniAmerican UniversityGR SIG2019–2022
    Marcos SantanderUniv. of AlabamaCR SIG / GR SIG2018–2021
    Sylvain GuiriecGeorge Washington Univ.GR SIG2016–2020
    John TomsickUC BerkeleyGR SIG / XR SIG2016–2019
    Henric KrawczynskiWashington Univ. in St. LouisGR SIG2015–2018
    Mark McConnellUniv. of New HampshireGR SIG2014–2016
    Liz HaysGSFCGR SIG2011–2014
    Steve RitzUniv. of California,
    Santa Cruz
    GR SAG2011–2013

    JAXA, NASA XRISM Mission Ready for Liftoff

    XRISM launched successfully on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023, at 7:42 p.m. EDT (Thursday, Sept. 7, 8:42 a.m. in Japan). The spacecraft separated from the rocket at 7:56 p.m. EDT.Read more.

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  • 21 September 2023
    AWESOM SAG Meeting 22 September 2023 »  Details.
    21 September 2023
    Open Source Science Data Repositories Workshop 27-29 September 2023 »  Details.
    21 September 2023
    Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC) Meeting 19-20 October 2023 »  Details.
    13 September 2023
    2023 Astrophysics Probe Explorer Announcement of Opportunity: Revisions »  Details.
    13 September 2023
    IXPE General Observer Cycle 1 Notice of Intent Due 18 September 2023 »  Details.
    13 September 2023
    INTEGRAL's Final Call for Guest Observing Time, AO-21, is Open »  Details.
    13 September 2023
    JWST Calibration Workshop: November 14 – 17, 2023 »  Details.
    6 September 2023
    Special Announcement About the Habitable Worlds Observatory START and TAG Teams »  Details.
    5 September 2023
    XRISM Launch Rescheduled for This Week »  Details.
    5 September 2023
    SMD Bridge Program Seed Funding Announcement of Opportunity Still Open »  Details.
    5 September 2023
    ROSES-23: D.13 Astrophysics Pioneers Not Solicited This Year »  Details.
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