Physics of the Cosmos
Exploring fundamental questions regarding the physical forces of the universe

Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group


The PhysPAG serves as a community-based, interdisciplinary forum for soliciting and coordinating community analysis and input in support of Physics of the Cosmos objectives and of their implications for architecture planning and activity prioritization and for future exploration. It provides findings of analyses to the NASA Astrophysics Division Director.

The PhysPAG enables direct regular communication between NASA and the community, and within the community, through public meetings that give the community opportunities to provide its scientific and programmatic input. Structurally, the PhysPAG Chair and the PhysPAG Executive Committee (EC) are appointed members whose responsibilities include organizing meetings and collecting and summarizing community input with subsequent reporting to the Astrophysics Division Director. The full PhysPAG consists of all members of the community who participate in these open meetings. The PhysPAG has six Science Interest Groups (SIGs), described in more detail at PhysPAG SIGs.

Terms of Reference

For more information on the operation and organization of the PhysPAG, please see the signed PhysPAG Terms of Reference (updated March 2017) [PDF].

22 May 2024
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Hybrid Joint NICER/IXPE Workshop: Abstract Deadline Extended to 2 June 2024
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Habitable Worlds Observatory START and TAG Meetings 3 – 5 June 2024
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ROSES-24: F.19 Research Initiation Awards Final Text and Due Date
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ROSES-24: D.16 IXPE General Observer Updates: ToO Update and Joint Programs with Swift and NuSTAR
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