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The Cosmic Pathfinders Program

Image credit: Ronald Gamble, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Maryland, College Park

Cosmic Pathfinders is a student-focused program of online events and in-person gatherings that provides an interface to NASA astrophysics. It is motivated by an immediate need to develop the next generation of the STEM workforce in space-related fields. The program includes an ongoing series of virtual colloquia, called Cosmic Chatter, that addresses astrophysics research and professional development topics. The program also includes virtual hack-a-thons that offer instruction for analyzing NASA mission and archival datasets. Finally, the program sponsors in-person sessions at professional society meetings and opportunities for engagement with NASA astrophysics Program Analysis Groups.

Cosmic Pathfinders Program Goals

  • Promote Open Dialogue: The program initiates discussions on prominent challenges that students face in today's STEM professional landscape.
  • Nurture Professional Growth: The program will access key topics pertaining to issues surrounding Imposter Syndrome, Career Navigation, Conference Participation, Cultural Inclusivity, and Accessibility. The program addresses intersectionality of these topics with scientific and mathematical skills and other professional scientific skills.
  • Broaden Horizons: The program creates exposure and opportunities for students to develop relationships with professionals from a range of space science disciplines in academia, government, and private industry. The program facilitates participation in space science professional society conferences, such as the American Astronomical Society meetings.

Cosmic Pathfinders Contacts

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