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Study for NASA Participation in the ESA-led L3 Gravitational Wave Mission

(2016 – 2018)

  • L3ST Interim Report – 20 June 2016 [PDF]

NASA intends to partner with ESA on the third Large-Class mission (L3) in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Programme, planned for launch in 2034. ESA has selected a gravitational wave observatory as the science theme. To this end, NASA has formed an L3 Study Team (L3ST) composed of selected members of the community. A Dear Colleague Letter was issued on December 7, 2015, soliciting nominations and self-nominations for the L3ST, with due date December 21, 2015. Submitted applications were reviewed by members of the NASA HQ Astrophysics Division and of the PCOS Program office, who then made selection recommendations.

The purpose of the "L3 Study" is to understand how NASA might participate in ESA's L3 Gravitational Wave mission, to inform our engagement through its earliest stages and to prepare for the 2020 decadal survey. The following individuals have been appointed to serve on the L3ST:

The L3 Study Team (L3ST)

Team Members

Name Affiliation
Baker, John NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Bender, Peter University of Colorado at Boulder
Berti, Emanuele University of Mississippi
Conklin, John University of Florida
Cornish, Neil Montana State University
Cutler, Curt Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Holley-Bockelman, Kelly Vanderbilt University
Larson, Shane Northwestern University
McWilliams, Sean West Virginia University
Miller, Cole University of Maryland
Robertson, Norna California Institute of Technology
Shoemaker, David (Chair) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vallisneri, Michele Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Note: Ex-Officio NASA members of the L3ST: R. Sambruna, A. Hornschemeier, and I. Thorpe. In addition, A. Parmar has been appointed by ESA as an observer on the L3ST.

L3 Study Team In-Person Meetings

The L3ST held regular, open meetings.

24 June 2024
NASA Astrophysics Division Selects Six US Scientists for Joint ESA-NASA Science Team
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