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Astrophysics With Equity:
Surmounting Obstacles to Membership
Science Analysis Group

The AWESOM SAG (see here for full terms of reference) will undertake a careful study of how to expand the range of institutions and backgrounds for members of the community contributing to NASA astrophysics. The SAG will focus specifically on engagement with research and training programs. The goal of this SAG is to analyze how existing NASA programs and potential new initiatives can increase engagement with research and training programs, and to make available opportunities clearer, more consistent, and easier to access.

AWESOM SAG Working Groups

  1. Overview of the landscape of astrophysics at MSIs,CCs, PUIs, etc.
    Co-Chair(s): Vallia Antoniu, Dave Pooley
  2. Overview of existing / ongoing NASA initiatives
    Co-Chair(s): Allison Kirkpatrick
  3. Research projects / funding opportunities at MSIs, CCs, PUIs, etc.
    Co-Chair(s): Ryan Hickox and Swaraj Sagar Pradhan
  4. Student training programs (with bridge programs)
    Co-Chair(s): Christian Soto and Drew Miles
  5. DEI practices in NASA science (e.g., in selection and recruitment)
    Co-Chair(s): Galen Bergsten

For questions, contact AWESOM SAG co-chairs Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth), Vallia Antoniou (Texas Tech), and Christian Soto (STScI).

To express interest in joining this SAG or just to stay informed about it, please fill out this Google Form.

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