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5 June 2023

Clarifications to F.23 SMD Bridge Program Seed Funding

The ROSES-2023 Program Element F.23 SMD Bridge Seed Funding (BPSF) solicits proposals to provide support for faculty investigators and their students at under-resourced institutions (URIs) to carry out NASA-relevant research. Through the BPSF program, SMD aims to facilitate new and expand ongoing partnerships between students and faculty at URIs and researchers at NASA Centers that could be expected to grow into Bridge partnerships and become well-positioned to submit a proposal to the future SMD Bridge Program opportunity in ROSES-2023.

Section 1 of F.23 Bridge Program Seed Funding (BPSF) has been clarified to indicate that eligibility is based on SMD grant funding, and that STEM fields counting toward the 20 PhD graduation limit are those relevant to SMD strategic objectives. Sections 1 and 3.5 have been updated to clarify requirements for the NASA partner. Section 3.7 has been added, to explain rolling submissions and clarify the rules regarding resubmissions and duplicate proposals. The email address has been updated to

Notices of Intent are not requested, and proposals may be submitted at any time but those submitted by 30 June 2023, will be reviewed in Summer 2023, with anticipated award date in October 2023.

A joint informational webinar about this opportunity and F.22 Research Initiation Awards occurred May 24. Slides from that informational webinar with a link to a recording have been posted under "Other Documents" on the NSPIRES page for this program element.

Please direct questions concerning F.23 BPSF to Patricia (Padi) Boyd at

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