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13 September 2023

2023 Astrophysics Probe Explorer Announcement of Opportunity: Revisions

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) has released revised final text for the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) entitled “2023 Astrophysics Probe Explorer (APEX).”

The amended AO makes a series of changes including changes to Section 2.3 and Requirement 3; Requirement 15; Requirement 39; Sections 5.5.7 & 5.7.2; Table B0; Appendix J.4; Appendix J.6; Appendix B, section E.3.

The Mandatory Notice of Intent due date is unchanged as 13 September 2023, as is the final proposal due date, 16 November 2023. The Question and Answer (Q&A) period for the 2023 APEX AO ends 14 days before the proposal due date. Please address comments or questions on the AO only via email using subject line "APEX 2023 AO” to both the APEX Lead Program Scientist, Dr. Patricia M. Knezek, at, and the APEX Lead Technical, Management, and Cost (TMC) Acquisition Manager, Mr. Victor Lucas, at Q&As will be posted on the 2023 APEX Acquisition Homepage. Anonymity of persons and institutions who submit questions will be preserved.

21 November 2023
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