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X-ray Astronomy Mission

Submitted X-ray Mission RFI Responses and Questions from X-ray CST to Responders

List of Submitted X-ray Mission RFI Responses

  1. Bautz, Marshall
    ÆGIS—An Astrophysics Experiment for Grating and Imaging Spectroscopy [PDF]
  2. Bookbinder, Jay
    AXSIO—The Advanced X-ray Spectroscopic Imaging Observatory [PDF]
  3. Burrows, David
    Development of Fast Readout Technology in Support of Future X-Ray Astronomy Missions [PDF]
  4. Cash, Webster
    The WHIMEx Mission Concept and Lessons Learned [PDF]
  5. Casstevens, John
    Three Meter Capacity Diamond Turning Machine For X-Ray Telescope Components [PDF]
  6. Danner, Rolf
    Precision-Deployable, Stable, Optical Benches for Cost-Effective Space Telescopes [PDF]
  7. Elvis, Martin
    REDUX: A Flexible Path for X-ray Astronomy [PDF]
  8. Garcia, Michael
    EPE: The Extreme Physics Explorer [PDF]
  9. Gorenstein, Paul
    A Hard X-Ray Telescope for an X-Ray Spectroscopy Mission, Extending the Bandwidth [PDF]
  10. Grindlay, Jonathan
    Epoch of Reionization Energetic X-ray Survey (EREXS) [PDF]
  11. Harrison, Fiona
    The High Energy X-ray Probe (HEX-P) [PDF]
  12. Heilmann, Ralf
    Critical-Angle Transmission Gratings for High Resolution, Large Area Soft X-ray Spectroscopy [PDF]
  13. Kilbourne, Caroline
    Enabling Technologies for the High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer of the Next NASA X-ray Astronomy Mission: Options, Status, and Roadmap [PDF]
  14. Kouveliotou, Chryssa
    Xenia: A Probe of Cosmic Chemical Evolution [PDF]
  15. Krawczynski, Henric
    The Black Hole Evolution and Space Time (BEST) Observatory [PDF]
  16. Lillie, Charles
    The Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium Explorer (WHIMex) [PDF]
  17. Marshall, Herman
    Soft X-ray Polarimetry [PDF]
  18. McEntaffer, Randall
    Reflection Grating Spectrometers [PDF]
  19. McIntyre, Todd
    Space Communication Rates at Multi-GBPS [PDF]
  20. Murray, Stephen
    Wide Field X-Ray Telescope Mission [PDF]
  21. Murray, Stephen
    Active Pixel X-ray Sensor Technology Development for SMART-X Focal Plane [PDF]
  22. Mushotzky, Richard
    SAHARA: Spectral Analysis with High Angular Resolution Astronomy [PDF]
  23. Ramsey, Brian
    Improving X-Ray Optics Through Differential Deposition [PDF]
  24. Rao, A.R.
    Super Mon & Black Hole Tracker [PDF]
  25. Ray, Paul
    The Advanced X-ray Timing Array (AXTAR) [PDF]
  26. Shirron, Peter
    5-Stage Continuous ADR for Future X-Ray Missions [PDF]
  27. Ullmer, Melvin
    Concept for an orbiting wide field X-ray imaging spectrometer (WFXIS) [PDF]
  28. Ullmer, Melvin
    Improving the performance of X-ray optics with magnetostrictive films [PDF]
  29. Vikhlinin, Alexey
    SMART-X, Square Meter, Arcsecond Resolution X-ray Telescope [PDF]
  30. Zhang, William
    Next Generation X-ray Optics: High-resolution, Light-weight, and Low-cost [PDF]

List of Questions from X-ray Community Science Team Submitted to X-ray Mission RFI Responders

  1. Questions for AEGIS [doc]
  2. Questions for AXSIO [doc]
  3. Questions for AXTAR [doc]
    (AXTAR Response, received December 2011 [PDF])
  4. Questions for BEST [doc]
    (BEST Response, received December 2011 [PDF])
  5. Questions for EPE [doc]
    (EPE Response, received December 2011 [PDF])
  6. Questions for EREXS [doc]
    (EREXS Response, received December 2011 [PDF])
  7. Questions for HEX [doc]
    (HEX Response, received December 2011 [PDF])
  8. Questions for SAHARA [doc]
  9. Questions for SMART [doc]
  10. Questions for SuperMon and Black Hole Tracker [doc]
    (SuperMon and BHT Response, received December 2011 [PDF])
  11. Questions for WFXIS [doc]
  12. Questions for WFXT [doc]
  13. Questions for WHIMEx [doc]
  14. Questions for XENIA [doc]
    (XENIA Response, received January 2012 [PDF])

The European Space Agency LISA observatory

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