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X-ray Science Interest Group XRSIG

XRSIG Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 4, 2016
Kissimmee, FL
09:30 AM–12:00 PM
Room: Sarasota

9:30 AM–9:40 AMIntroduction (Mark Bautz) [PDF]
9:40 AM–10:00 AMAstro-H Status and Prospects (Rob Petre) [PDF]
10:00 AM–10:20 AMNICER Status and Prospects (Ron Remillard) [PDF]
10:20 AM–10:40 AMAthena Update (Randall Smith) [PDF]
10:40 AM–11:00 AMX-ray Surveyor Activities (Doug Swartz) [PDF]
11:00 AM–11:15 AMReview of PhysPAG Statement on Probes & Probes in New Frontiers (Ralph Kraft) [PDF]
11:15 AM–11:45 AMDiscussion: Presenting Probes to the Decadal Survey


Program News and Announcements

29 November 2018
The National Academies has released updated information about the 2020 Decadal Survey call for Community Science White Papers. They are now due 7 January–19 February 2019. See here for further instructions. Further, it is our pleasure to announce that the President of the National Academy of Sciences Marcia McNutt has appointed Dr. Fiona Harrison and Dr. Robert Kennicutt, Jr. to serve as co-chairs of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey committee.
19 November 2018
We would like to welcome our two new PhysPAG EC members, starting in Dec 2018. We extend our thanks to the three departing EC members.
1 June 2018
MMA SAG analyzing the benefits of multimessenger observations made possible by NASA observatories in the 2020 decade and beyond launched! Join the kickoff telecon Friday, 8 June, and sign up today! »  Full details

Project News

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