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X-ray SAG Meeting, Monterey, California, 12 April 2013


Technology Development Plans
9:00am–9:45amTech Development Plans - Near Term TechnologiesRob PetreNASA/GSFC
9:45am–10:15amTech Development Plans - Future TechnologiesPaul ReidSAO
10:15am–10:45amOpen Discussion
11:00am–11:20amFuture OpticsMartin WeisskopfNASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
11:20am–11:40amSilicon OpticsWill ZhangNASA/GSFC
11:40am–12:00noonAdjustable OpticsPaul ReidSAO
12:00noon–12:15pmOff Plane Grating DevelopmentsRandy McEntafferUniversity of Iowa
12:15pm–12:30pmCAT Grating DevelopmentsRalf HeilmannMIT/Kavli
12:30pm–12:45pmMultilayer Optics DevelopmentSuzanne RomaineSAO
1:30pm–1:50pmX-ray Silicon Detectors and Blocking Filters for GratingsMark BautzMIT/Kavli
1:50pm–2:10pmLarge Format Silicon DetectorsAbe FalconePenn State University
2:10pm–2:30pmMKID Detector DevelopmentsBen MazinUC Santa Barbara
2:30pm–2:50pmSmall-pixel CZT DetectorsMatthias BeilickeWashington University in St. Louis
3:00pm–4:00pmCryogenic DetectorsSimon BandlerCRESST/NASA/GSFC
4:00pm–4:30pmMultiplex Readouts for Large-Format MicrocalorimetersKent IrwinNIST/Boulder
4:30pm–5:30pmOpen Discussion


Program News and Announcements

1 February 2019
Dr Terri Brandt confirmed as PCOS Chief Scientist.
20 December 2018
LISA Preparatory Science 2018 (LPS) proposals have been selected! »  Full details
17 December 2018
NASA HQ has publicly posted an updated Astrophysics Implementation Plan (AIP), detailing progress made by NASA's Astrophysics Division in implementing the 2010 Decadal recommendations since the previous update in 2016. Please see »  full details
29 November 2018
The National Academies has released updated information about the 2020 Decadal Survey call for Community Science White Papers. They are now due 7 January–19 February 2019. See here for further instructions. Further, it is our pleasure to announce that the President of the National Academy of Sciences Marcia McNutt has appointed Dr. Fiona Harrison and Dr. Robert Kennicutt, Jr. to serve as co-chairs of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey committee.

Project News

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