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PhysPAG Technology SAG Call, 24 August 2011

Attending: Jamie Bock (Caltech), Julian Borrill (LBNL), Roger Brissenden (CfA), Randy Correll (Ball), Liz Hays (GSFC), Guido Meuller (UF), Thai Pham (GSFC), Andy Ptak (JHU), Dan Schwartz (CfA), Colleen Wilson-Hodge (MSFC), Kent Wood (NRL)

Discussion of comments received from the community in response to the draft PCOS technology assessment. Thirteen comments were received falling into three categories: comments on specific tables (6), the technology roadmap (2), and general comments (5).

It was agreed that the comments on specific tables should generally be incorporated and the leads for developing the tables will make the updates. The roadmap comments will be parsed by the leads and updates make accordingly e.g., inclusion of technology for a hard X-ray NuSTAR follow-on, detectors for wide-field X-ray surveys, and alternative technology for X-ray timing science.

Discussion on how best to link technologies to the Decadal priorities led to agreement that the near-term mission technologies for decadal PCOS science should be clearly identified in the road map (first portion), and that near-term and long-term push technology column headings should be generalized rather than linked to specific missions. This will allow additional technology options to be added (per community comment) and allow the technologies to apply to a range of missions classes, most notably Explorer.

Julian Borrill led a discussion on the need to capture the future computation and processing needs to support the new technolgies. Agreement to include a text note to the tables so the PCOS office can give this consideration in their plan (also for the Inflation Probe input via the IPSAG).

The following comments (as numbered in comment file) were accepted by those listed to incorporate into the exisiting roadmap and/or tables:

  1. Petre: Technology Roadmap - leads review and incorporate table-specific
  2. Mushotzky: Technology Roadmap - leads review and incorporate table-specfic
  3. Garcia: Next generation X-ray timing - Kent, Colleen, Liz
  4. Burrows: IXO - Dan Schwartz
  5. Bautz: IXO - Dan Schwartz
  6. Bautz: IXO - Dan Schwartz
  7. Bautz: Soft X-ray and EUV - Kent, Colleen, Liz
  8. Elvis: Soft X-ray and EUV - Kent, Colleen, Liz
  9. Gehrels: X-ray detectors- Kent, Colleen, Liz
  10. Gendreau: X-ray Timing - Kent, Colleen, Liz
  11. Boggs: Next Generation Gamma-Ray‚ Compton - Kent, Colleen, Liz
  12. Hays: Generation Comments on Gamma Ray - Liz
  13. Borrill: Inflation Probe - Julian
  • Also: Wide-field X-ray detectors - Andy Ptak (in coordination with Dan Schwartz)

Goal is to provide revisions to roadmap and updated tables back to Roger with cc to TechSAG within 2 weeks (Sep 7) but the earlier the better.

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