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PhysPAG Technology SAG Call, 7 July 2011

Attending: Roger Brissenden (CfA), Ruth Carter (GSFC), Jean Cottam (GSFC), Herman Marshall (MIT), Guido Meuller (UF), Dan Schwartz (CfA), Kent Wood (NRL)

1. Discussion of the current TechSAG task on PCOS technology assessment.

Roger discussed a modification to the schedule following a suggestion from Shaul Hanany. The new schedule will allow more time for the community to review and comment on the technology assessment material. The schedule is also compatible with Jackie Townsend's schedule for the PCOS Program Annual Technology Report.

Jean offered assistance from the PCOS office in posting the material and in developing an on-line comment capability to make input convenient for the community.

The group discussed potential community email lists to announce the material and invite comment. Suggestions included the AAS HEAD list, the LISA hardware teams, LIGO science collaboration, gravity group within the APS.

Draft technology tables complete
(email to rjb):
July 15
Draft tables posted to the PhysPAG website:Week of July 18
Email to the AAS HEAD list and other community lists:Week of July 18
Comments due from the community:August 5
Tables updated based on community input:August 19
Assessment material available to APS and PCOS office:Week of Aug 22

Discussion on whether present set of roadmap and tables should also cover polarization science. Herman Marshall offered to look into where polarization technology (via mirrors and detectors) would fit in with the present set of tables, or if a new element was needed in the roadmap with its own table.

It was agreed that a single message from the TechSAG chair would be sent to the community, rather that separate messages from each of the table developers.

2. Status of table updates

Guido, Kent and Dan reported that they are making good progress on their update to the technology tables and are on track to provide drafts by July 15. Paul Reid (SAO) is working with Dan Schwartz to develop the draft IXO and IXO-push (Gen-X) material.

3. Upcoming APS meeting

Steve Ritz has asked for status bullets from the TechSAG for his APS presentation on July 14. Following discussion, Roger undertook to provide bullets covering the status on progress, the new schedule and plan for web input for the community.

The next call will be scheduled in August to discuss the community inputs.

The European Space Agency LISA observatory


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