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PhysPAG Technology SAG Call, 27 May 2011

Attending: Jaya Bajpayee, Jamie Bock, Jay Bookbinder, Roger Brissenden, Randy Correll, Rita Sambuna, Dan Schwartz, Jackie Townsend

I. Discussion of the scope of the next TechSAG task.

The task as approved by the APS was to conduct an assessment of PCOS technology needs for Explorer missions. It was agreed the task should be broadened to cover all techology needs for PCOS and that technology particularly suited for Explorers could be identified.

The PCOS Program office is developing the Program Annual Technology Report and will take inputs through early August. Jackie noted that the report will include a list of technologies that enable the PCOS science objectives (from community input) and a strategic prioritization (defined by the PCOS Program). Input from the TechSAG through the APS will be particularly useful.

Rita noted that ESMD Technology Officer was finalizing their plan now and we suggested that the materials submitted to the APS for the NRC technology task be provided, expecially the roadmap.

After discussion of possible approaches to an assessment that would lead to a useful input to the PCOS office, we agreed to the following:

Task: Conduct assessment of PCOS technology needs and produce an input useful for the PCOS office technology plan.

Approach: Use the work completed for the NRC roadmap review as a basis for the present assessment:

  1. Review the Technology Roadmap submitted to the APS for completeness (all).
  2. Review boxes on the NRC-format technology matrices for which more rationale would be useful. (Dan Schwartz; completed 6/9/11)
  3. Update exisiting tables with additional information identifed in (b). (original leads; if available)
  4. Complete tables for those technology areas not submitted to the NRC (IXO and Beyond IXO). (Jay Bookbinder with support from others)
  5. Submit to the APS for concurrence/approval and make available to PCOS Program Office.

Schedule: complete by Aug 15, 2011.

II. How best to reach out to the community to ensure broad input.

All agreed to the importance of including the community broadly in TechSAG activities. Identifying relevent people and extending invitations would likely be the best approach. Sources for people to invite include:

  1. authors of decadal inputs on tecnology and missions
  2. authors of inputs to the NRC NASA CTO roadmap review
  3. winners of APRA, SAT, Discovery, Explorer, etc calls (Rita confirmed that NASA could not provide a list of all proposers, but could provide an historical list of winners)
  4. authors of selected SPIE conference papers

Once a list is made, options for inclusion could be a invitation to join the TechSAG or an invitation to review TechSAG material.

Action to generate list not assigned, so please let me know if you would like to take on any of the above (a)-(e).

Other Discussion

  • Jackie suggested providing a web form to allow input from the community, and to expore social networking to communicate and discuss issues.
  • Rita is planning to organize a PCOS technology workshop at HQ involving the science community and industry partners. Suggestion to cross check with the scope of the Tech Days workshop to avoid significant overlap.
  • Randy suggested forming an industry-based network to support the TechSAG, and will generate a candidate list.

III. Input for PCOS Optical Technology Needs Talk (Carl Stahle)

Jackie briefed Carl's request for input for his Tech Days 2011 talk in June on "Optical Technology Needs for NASA's PCOS Program". We suggested a change from "Optical" to "Optics" in the title, and for Jackie to provide the exisiting road map as input. The group will also comment on a draft if made available.

Next meeting in approx. 2-3 weeks

The European Space Agency LISA observatory


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