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PhysPAG Technology SAG Call, 30 March 2011

Attending: Roger Brissenden, Liz Hays, Kent Irwin, Mike Moore, Guido Mueller, Steve Murray, Jason Rhodes, Steve Ritz, Rita Sambruna, Kent Wood

I. NRC Workshop (Steve Murray and Kent Irwin)

Steve Murray and Kent Irwin attended the NRC workshop held at Irvine on 3/27/11 intended to solict community input on technology for observatories and sensors in space. Steve presented on X-ray photon detectors.

Much of the workshop was devoted to the NRC panelists presenting on the state of technology with a focus on earth observing and planetary missions. While there was not much opportunity for input on astrophysics, Steve and Kent felt they made the case for technology development for CMOS detectors (large format, low power) and large format microcalorimteter arrays.

Of interest was discussion of a sounding rocket program for payloads of ~1,000 lb to fill the $1M - $100M gap, however the lack of $10-15M launch vehicle is an issue, e.g., the Falcon-E1 is no longer in production. There was no discusssion of Delta class launch vehicles. Also a discussion from Alan Stern on sub-orbital opportunites for ~$200K/seat that may have application for air-borne experiements.

On the NRC process, Steve thought that the NRC would take input in free form (i.e., not just through the structured forms on the web site and the workshops). If so, the SAG could submit a set of specific corrections and updates to TA-08 in addition to the technology forms.

Action: Roger to confirm with Dan Schwartz if free form input to the NRC avaiable. If so, coordinate an input for a set of corrections to TA-08.

II. Status of technology assessments.

(a) 2005 Roadmap Comparison (Steve Murray). Steve's updated mission technology matrix was presented at the NRC workshop in near final form. We want to provide a final version to the APS by Apr 7.

Action: Final updates to the mission technology matrix emailed to Steve Murray by Friday, April 1.

(b) Near-term proposals (Kent Wood and Liz Hays). On review, no additions to the technology areas identified at the last telecon. Next step is populating NRC web form tables. Rita asked about inclusion of tecnology for future gamma ray missions and Kent reviewed those areas identified at the last telecon; considered satisfactory.

(c) IXO and Gen-X (Roger Brissenden). Provided input to Steve for the missions table. Further input being worked with Jay Bookbinder.

(d) LISA (Guido Mueller). Still waiting for input from colleagues for final LISA technology areas. Guido's tables for the NRC web site will form the model for all other inputs.

(e) Inflation Probe (Kent Irwin). Inflation Probe refected fairly well in the present TA-08 roadmap however has identified a number of corrections to tables and text (e.g., a 10K array rather than 1M pixel array.) Given the level of detail requested by the NRC, Kent will develop a technology input for the web site.

(f) Fundamental Physics (Kent Wood, Randy Correll, Liz Hays). Randy has provided input to Steve Murray's matrix on precision measurements of spacetime, including atomic clocks.

III. Input to the APS and plans for NRC web input

Steve Ritz expects ~10 minutes for presentation and discussion at the APS meeting on April 7 and we agreed to generate a set of slides together with the technology tables for NRC web input. Steve will present and circulate the material to the APS ahead of the meeting.

The following schedule was set:

Fri Apr 1Final updates to Steve Murray's mission technology table (all)
Mon Apr 4NRC tables finalized and emailed to group (all)
Tue Apr 5APS charts and tables provided to Steve Ritz (Roger and Steve M.)
Thu Apr 7APS meeting (public)
Fri Apr 15Submit web input to NRC incoporating any feedback from APS (all)

The European Space Agency LISA observatory


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