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Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS)
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Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group (PhysPAG)

PCOS/PhysPAG Town Halls: April 9, 2013 at HEAD, April 16, 2013 at APS

The PCOS Program Office and the Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group (PhysPAG) are organizing two town hall sessions at the upcoming HEAD and APS meetings in Monterey and Denver, respectively.

As a reminder, the PhysPAG serves as a forum for soliciting and coordinating input and analysis from the scientific community in support of the PCOS program objectives. These two town halls will focus on NASA's astrophysics division's implementation of the decadal survey.

The two timeslots are:

HEAD Meeting, Monterey, CA: Tuesday, April 9th, 12:30-1:30PM

Agenda, All times PDT (UTC-7):

  • 12:30PM—Introduction [PPTX][PDF], John Nousek, PhysPAG Chair
  • 12:35PM—PCOS in the Astrophysics Implementation Plan [PPTX][PDF], Richard Griffiths, PCOS HQ
  • 12:45PM—FY13 Activities in the PCOS Program Office and the PhysPAG [PPTX][PDF], Ann Hornschemeier, PCOS PO
  • 12:55 PM—WFIRST in the light of Euclid, Daniel Stern
  • 1:05 PM—LISA in the light of eLISA [PDF], Guido Mueller
  • 1:15 PM—AXSIO in the light of ATHENA [PDF], Jay Bookbinder
  • 1:25 PM—Audience questions/Comments
  • 1:30 PM—Adjourn
  • APS DAP Meeting, Denver, CO: Tuesday, April 16th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

    Agenda (in Plaza F), All times MDT (UTC-6)

  • 12:30PM—The PhysPAG, PCOS in the Astrophysics Implementation Plan, and FY13 Activities in the PCOS Program Office [PPTX][PDF], Ann Hornschemeier, PCOS PO
  • 12:45 PM—Inflation Probe in the light of Planck/Suborbital programs [PPTX][PDF], Shaul Hanany (REMOTE PRESENTER)
  • 12:55PM—LISA in the light of eLISA [PPT][PDF], Neil Cornish (for Guido Mueller)
  • 1:05 PM—Gamma-Ray SAG—the Next Steps [PPTX][PDF], Liz Hays
  • 1:15 PM—Cosmic Ray SAG—the Next Steps [PPTX][PDF], Angela Olinto
  • 1:25 PM—Audience questions/Comments
  • 1:30 PM—Adjourn
  • For the HEAD meeting, there is a 30-minute break beforehand when participants will be able to go grab some food for lunch. For the APS meeting, pizza will be available for purchase, arranged by the APS DAP, in the room so you won't miss lunch!

    For more information on PCOS and PhysPAG, please visit:

    The European Space Agency LISA observatory

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