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PCOS-related Activities at the April 2021 APS

Saturday, 17 April 2021
8:15 A.M. CentralA01 Kavli Foundation Keynote Plenary: Nobel Prize Session
Sponsor: APS Chair: Philip Bucksbaum, APS President; Deirdre Shoemaker, April Meeting 2021 Program Chair
Invited Speakers: Reinhard Genzel, Andrea Ghez, Roger Penrose
10:45 A.M. CentralB10 Supernovae
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Sherwood Richers, UCB
B21 Physics of the Cosmos and PhysPAG Town Hall
Sponsor: DGRAV DAP Chair: Graça Rocha
1:30 P.M. CentralD03 Nuclear Physics Constraints from Neutron Star Mergers
Sponsor: DAP DNP Chair: Nicole Vassh, Notre Dame
Invited Speakers: Alfredo Estrade, Jonas Lippuner, Eleonora Troja
D05 Multi-Messenger International Physics
Sponsor: FIP Chair: Luisa Cifarelli, University of Bologna and INFN
Invited Speakers: Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Martin Rees
D09 Gamma Ray Astronomy: Galactic
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Andrea Albert, LANL
D10 Observatories, Instruments, and Surveys
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Judy Racusin, NASA-GSFC
D21 Cosmic Ray SIG Minisymposium
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Marcos Santander, University of Alabama
3:45 P.M. CentralE03 LIGO and NICER Constraints on the Neutron Star Equation of State
Sponsor: DAP DGRAV Chair: Sanjay Reddy, University of Washington
Invited Speakers: Ingo Tews, Tanja Hinderer, Thomas Riley, Cole Miller
E10 Cosmic Ray Sources and Acceleration
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Alexander Moiseev, UMD
Sunday, 18 April 2021
8:30 A.M. CentralG01 Probing Dark Matter
Sponsor: PR/PRL DPF DAP DGRAV Chair: Robert Garisto, Physical Review Letters
Invited Speakers: Asimina Arvanitaki, Alex Drlica-Wagner, Ana Bonaca
G09 Compact Object Mergers: Neutron Stars
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Eric Burns, LSU
G10 Neutrino Astronomy: Neutrino Astronomy
Sponsor: DAP Chair: John Krizmanic, Univ. of Maryland
10:45 A.M. CentralH01 Data Science and Machine Learning in Particle and Astrophysics
Sponsor: GDS Chair: Dimitri Bourilkov, University of Florida
Invited Speakers: David ROUSSEAU, Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro
H03 Electromagnetic Signals from LISA Events
Sponsor: DAP DGRAV Chair: Jonathan Gair, MPI-GP
Invited Speakers: Jeremy Schnittman, Daniel D'Orazio, Morgan MacLeod
1:30 P.M. CentralK01 Coalescence Rates of Compact Binary Systems
Sponsor: DGRAV DAP Chair: Christopher Lee, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Invited Speakers: Carl Rodriguez, Thomas Dent, Eric Burns
K09 Cosmology with Gravitational Waves
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Michele Vallisneri, JPL/Caltech
K21 Inflation Probe SIG Minisymposium
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Kevin Huffenberger, Florida State University
3:45 P.M. CentralL03 Compact Remnant Masses and the NS/BH Mass Gap
Sponsor: DAP DGRAV Chair: Richard O'Shaugnessy, Rochester Institute of Technology
Invited Speakers: Vicky Kalogera, Jerome Orosz, Katerina Chatziioannou
L09 Astrophysical Transients
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Grant Mathews, Notre Dame
L10 Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Composition
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Dave Kieda, Univ. Utah
L21 Gamma Ray SIG Minisymposium
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Bindu Rani, NASA
Monday, 19 April 2021
8:30 A.M. CentralP01 Plenary II: Science on a Global Scale
Sponsor: APS Chair: Phil Bucksbaum, Stanford University
Invited Speakers: Young-Kee Kim, Fiona Harrison, JoAnne Hewett, Luisa Cifarelli
10:30 A.M. CentralQ09 Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Results and Interpretation
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Ingrid Stairs, UBC
Q21 Cosmic Structure SIG Minisymposium
Sponsor: DGRAV Chair: Graça Rocha
1:30 P.M. CentralS10 Live Neutrino Astronomy: Surveys and Searches
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Naoko Neilson, Drexel University
S21 Live X-Ray SIG Minisymposium
Sponsor: DGRAV Chair: Grant Tremblay
3:45 P.M. CentralT01 Isaacson Award Session
ponsor: DGRAV Chair: Gabriela Gonzalez, Louisiana State University
Invited Speakers: Beverly K. Berger, Anamaria Effler, Surabhi Sachdev
T02 New Frontiers in Dark Matter Research
Sponsor: DPF DAP Chair: Yanou Cui, University of California, Riverside
Invited Speakers: Natalia Toro, Yu-Dai Tsai, Hai-Bo Yu
T10 Gamma Ray Astronomy: Surveys
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Miguel Mostafa, PSU
Tuesday, 20 April 2021
8:30 A.M. CentralW01 Plenary III: Advancing an Inclusive Community in Science
Sponsor: APS Chair: Julie Mcenery, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Invited Speakers: Brian Nord, Dara Norman, Geraldine Cochran
10:45 A.M. CentralX03 Recent Results from eROSITA
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Erin Kara, MIT
Invited Speakers: Andrea Merloni, Joern Wilms, Esra Bulbul
X10 Dark Matter Constraints from Space
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Sophie Middleton, Caltech
1:30 P.M. CentralY09 Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Survey Analysis
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Tanja Hinderer, Univ. Utrecht
Y10 Pulsars and Neutron Stars
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Rodrigo Fernandez, Univ Alberta
3:45 P.M. CentralZ10 Gamma Ray Astronomy: Extragalactic
Sponsor: DAP Chair: Marco Ajello, Clemson
Z17 Astrophysics with Gravitational Waves II
Sponsor: DGRAV Chair: Salvatore Vitale, MIT
Special Events
Saturday, 17 April 2021
c. 10:00 A.M. CentralNICER press release
Sunday, 18 April 2021
5:30 PM. CentralL25 LGBT+ Roundtable
Chair: Timothy Atherton, Tufts University
Monday, 19 April 2021
5:45 P.M. CentralU02 DGRAV Business Meeting
Chair: Nicolas Yunes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
U05 DAP Business Meeting
Chair: Glennys Farrar, New York University


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6 May 2022
Workshop on Unique Science from the Moon in the Artemis Era 7–9 June 2022 »  Details.
6 May 2022
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2 May 2022
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26 April 2022
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11 April 2022
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8 April 2022
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5 April 2022
The NASA Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS) Program Office is organizing a Time Domain and Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (TDAMM) Initiative Workshop to be held in the Annapolis area on August 22nd–24th 2022 »  Details.
22 March 2022
Science Mission Directorate Seeks Volunteer Reviewers »  Details.
19 January 2022
NASA PCOS/COR Program Office Announces Upcoming International Workshop on Time Domain Astronomy/Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (TDAMM) »  Details.

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