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Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group

231st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

  • PCOS-related Activities at the AAS (All activities at Gaylord Hotel/Conference Center)
  • Gravitational Wave SIG Meeting

    Monday, 8 January 2018, 8:30 A.M.–10:30 A.M.
    Room: Maryland Ballroom 4


     8:30 A.M.— 8:45 A.M.LUVOIR and LISA [PDF][PPTX]
    John O'Meara
    8:45 A.M.—  9:05 A.M.NASA LISA Study Team Activities
    Kelly H-B.
    9:05 A.M.—  9:25 A.M.LISA Consortium Update
    Martin H.
    9:25 A.M.—  9:45 A.M.NASA LISA Study Office Update [PDF][PPTX]
    Ira Thorpe
    9:45 A.M.—10:05 A.M.Lynx and LISA [PDF]
    Rob Petre
    10:05 A.M.—10:25 A.M. Galactic Binaries and LISA [Keynote]
    Katie Breivik

    X-Ray SIG Meeting

    Monday, 8 January 2018, 10:45 A.M.–12:30 P.M.
    Room: Maryland Ballroom 4


    10:45 A.M.—10:55 A.M.Opening Remarks
    R. Kraft
    10:55 A.M.—11:15 A.M.Lynx Status Report [PDF]
    J. Gaskin
    11:15 A.M.—11:35 A.M.Athena Update [PDF]
    R. Smith
    11:35 A.M.—11:55 A.M.XARM Progress [PDF]
    R. Petre
    11:55 A.M.—12:15 P.M.IXPE Development and Science Summary
    H. Marshall
    12:15 P.M.—12:30 P.M.Possible speaker on GW/X-ray multi-messenger synergies

    Gamma Ray SIG Meeting

    Monday, 8 January 2018, 11:00 A.M.–12:30 P.M.
    Room: Maryland Ballroom 3


    11:00 A.M.—11:15 A.M.Presentation of PhysPAG and GRSIG [PDF][PPTX]
    Sylvain Guiriec
    11:15 A.M.—11:40 A.M.The e-ASTROGAM Mission (Exploring the Extreme Universe with Gamma Rays in the MeV-GeV Range) [PDF]
    Dave Thompson
    11:40 A.M.—12:05 P.M.AMEGO Update [PDF][PPTX]
    Julie McEnery
    12:05 P.M.—12:30 P.M.Open Discussion

    Joint (Phys- & CO-) PAG Meeting

    Monday, 8 January 2018, 1:30 P.M.–3:00 P.M.
    Room: Maryland Ballroom A

    1:30 P.M.–3:00 P.M.Meeting and Discussion with Paul Hertz [PDF],
    NASA's Astrophysics Division Director

    PhysPAG Meeting

    Monday, 8 January 2018, 3:30 P.M.–5:30 P.M.
    Room: Maryland Ballroom 4–6


    3:30 P.M.–3:45 P.M.PCOS Programmatic Update [PDF]
    Rita Sambruna
    3:45 P.M.–4:00 P.M.PhysPAG Activities [PDF][PPTX]
    Mark Bautz
    4:00 P.M.–4:10 P.M.Non-Strategic Technology Gaps [PDF][PPTX]
    Terri Brandt
    4:10 P.M.–5:00 P.M.SIG Updates (7 min each)
  • IP SIG: Jamie Bock for Ed Wollack [PDF]
  • XR SIG: Ralph Kraft [PDF]
  • GR SIG: Terri Brandt for Sylvain Guiriec, John Tomsick, and Henric Krawczynski [PDF]
  • CR SIG: Terri Brandt for Igor Moskalenko and Jim Beatty [PDF]
  • GW SIG: Kelly Holley-Bockelmann [PDF]
  • 5:00 P.M.–5:30 P.M.Multimessenger Astrophysics SAG:
    Intro and discussion
    John Conklin

    PCOS News

    Program News and Announcements

    22 September 2021
    Applications Sought for PhysPAG Executive Committee »  Details.
    22 September 2021
    Astrophysics Advisory Committee Meeting 13 & 15 October 2021 »  Details.
    10 September 2021
    2021 Astrophysics Explorer Solicitations Released »  Details.
    13 August 2021
    ULTRASAT Science Workshop »  Details.
    13 August 2021
    ROSES-21 Amendment 29: Updates to D.11 NICER Guest Observer Cycle 4 »  Details.
    29 July 2021
    Life and Physical Sciences Decadal Survey Call for White Papers. »  Details.

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