Physics of the Cosmos PAG

PhysPAG Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 4, 2016
Kissimmee, FL
Room: Sun 1 CHANGED

3:00 PM–3:05 PMWelcome/OverviewBock5 min
SIG Reports (3:05 PM–4:40 PM)
3:05 PM–3:25 PM Gravitational Wave
NASA study of ESA L3
Latest on Pathfinder
LIGO update
Conklin20 min
3:25 PM–3:40 PM Gamma-Ray
Progress towards a community roadmap
McConnell15 min
3:40 PM–3:55 PM Cosmic-Ray
Progress & Plans
Toward future missions
Seo15 min
3:55 PM–4:10 PM X-ray
Imminent missions
Community Approaches to Probes
Bautz15 min
4:10 PM–4:25 PM Inflation
Summary of IPSIG reply to mid-decadal review
Bock15 min
4:25 PM–4:40 PM Cosmic Structure
Summary of Cosmology and Fundamental Physics to the mid-decadal review
Updates on Cosmic Structure SIG related mission activities
Bean15 min
4:40 PM–5:25 PM Costing and Evaluating Probes R. Persinger
D. Emmons
45 min
5:25 PM–5:55 PMDiscussionAll30 min

Program News

15 May 2017
PCOS Program Office Call for Technology Gap submissions, due 1 June 2017 »  Details
20 Mar 2017
Astrophysics Probe mission studies selected (3/20/2017) »  [PDF]
6 Mar 2017
Terms of Reference (ToR) for the PhysPAG have been updated. »  [PDF]

Project News

Chandra News
2 May 2017
Scientists Find Giant Wave Rolling through the Perseus Galaxy Cluster » Details
Fermi News
30 Jan 2017
NASA's Fermi Discovers the Most Extreme Blazars Yet » Details
Planck News
13 Aug 2016
First Stars Formed Even Later Than Previously Thought
» Details
XMM-Newton News
1 May 2017
Rapid Changes Point to Origin of Ultra-fast Black Hole Winds » Details

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6 July 2016
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3 Mar 2017
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