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Physics of the Cosmos News and Announcements

Google Hangout Today (November 20)

"How and Why We Try to Observe Gravitational Waves"

The next Google Hangout in our Future in Space series is today at 3:00 pm ET. If you don't have a Google account, use the YouTube link to participate.

One hundred years ago this month, Albert Einstein revolutionized our understanding of gravity: space and time were no longer a passive stage on which the universe evolved, but instead a dynamic participant.

Perhaps Einstein's most fascinating prediction is gravitational waves - disturbances in spacetime that are generated by cataclysms such as the merger of two black holes. Scientists are on the cusp of making the first direct detection of these waves using ground-based interferometers and are making the first steps towards building gravitational wave observatories in space. These efforts promise to usher in an entirely new field of astronomy.

Join Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti, and Harley Thronson along with guests Shane Larson (Adler Planetarium/Northwestern University), Joey Shapiro-Key (University of Texas), and Ira Thorpe (NASA Goddard) for a discussion of the science and technology behind gravitational waves and the instruments used to observe them.



The European Space Agency LISA observatory


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Program News and Announcements

6 May 2022
ROSES-22: Opportunities for Community Comment on Draft D.14 Roman Space Telescope Research and Support Participation »  Details.
6 May 2022
Workshop on Unique Science from the Moon in the Artemis Era 7–9 June 2022 »  Details.
6 May 2022
ROSES-22: Final Text and Due Date for D.17 X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission Guest Scientist Program »  Details.
2 May 2022
NASA Astrophysics Town Hall, Tuesday, 3 May 2022 »  Details.
26 April 2022
National Academies Board on Physics and Astronomy — Spring 2022 Meeting »  Details.
11 April 2022
NASA Astrophysics Division Town Hall | May 3, 2022 »  Details.
8 April 2022
NASA Astrophysics Advisory Committee Members Sought »  Details.
5 April 2022
The NASA Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS) Program Office is organizing a Time Domain and Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (TDAMM) Initiative Workshop to be held in the Annapolis area on August 22nd–24th 2022 »  Details.
22 March 2022
Science Mission Directorate Seeks Volunteer Reviewers »  Details.
19 January 2022
NASA PCOS/COR Program Office Announces Upcoming International Workshop on Time Domain Astronomy/Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (TDAMM) »  Details.

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