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Physics of the Cosmos News

22 March 2022

Science Mission Directorate Seeks Volunteer Reviewers

NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is seeking subject-matter experts to serve as mail-in and/or (virtual) panel reviewers of ROSES (Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences) proposals. The landing page with links to all of the open volunteer reviewer forms is here. To volunteer, follow the link to the web form and click the boxes for the topics in which you are a subject-matter expert. If your skills match SMD’s needs for that review and there are not too many organizational conflicts of interest, SMD will contact you to discuss scheduling.

In addition to the forms that are posted all year round, several new volunteer reviewer forms have been (re)posted recently for spring 2022, including the Astrophysics Data Analysis Program (ADAP).

The European Space Agency LISA observatory


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Program News and Announcements

1 July 2022
Astrophysics Probe Announcement of Opportunity Schedule Update »  Details.
1 July 2022
NICER GO – Cycle 5 Revised Text and Phase-1 Due Date Delay »  Details.
1 July 2022
Swift Cycle 19 Update on Joint Observations with NICER »  Details.
1 July 2022
Inaugural NASA Sounding Rocket Symposium »  Details.
1 July 2022
1st Precursor Science Workshop Summary Report and Worksheets Posted »  Details.
26 May 2022
Astrophysics Biennial Technology Report and Tech Gaps Announcements »  Details.
5 April 2022
The NASA Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS) Program Office is organizing a Time Domain and Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (TDAMM) Initiative Workshop to be held in the Annapolis area on August 22nd–24th 2022 »  Details.

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