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22 February 2024

Changes in D.2 Astrophysics Data Analysis for ROSES-2024

The ROSES opportunity D.2 Astrophysics Data Analysis Program (ADAP) provides support for investigations whose focus is on the analysis of archival data from NASA space astrophysics missions.

Starting in ROSES-2024, in lieu of a detailed budget, only a single-page budget justification is requested, and no NSPIRES-based budget is required. Proposals instead identify the cost cap as either small (>$125,000/year), medium (>$200,000/year), or large (<$200,000/year). We hope that this change reduces the effort required to assemble an ADAP proposal, especially for first-time investigators or those at smaller institutions.

For any questions about this change, or about D.2 ADAP in general, please contact the ADAP Program Officer Joshua Pepper at

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