Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group (PhysPAG)

NOTE: The PhysPAG is an analysis arm of the Astrophysics Subcommittee of the NAC Science Committee. The PCOS Program Office maintains the web page as a service to the community.


The Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group (PhysPAG) serves as a forum for soliciting and coordinating input and analysis from the scientific community in support of the PCOS program objectives. The PhysPAG enables direct and regular communication through public meetings that give the community opportunities to provide its scientific and programmatic input. All interested scientists can contribute to the PhysPAG by participating in the PhysPAG meetings and by providing their input. The Executive Committee (EC) is the steering body of the PhysPAG. Its members are appointed by NASA with the concurrence of the Astrophysics Subcommittee, and their responsibilities include collecting and summarizing community input with subsequent reporting to NASA SMD via the NAC. For more information on the operation and organization of the PhysPAG, please see the signed PhysPAG Terms of Reference [PDF].

Upcoming Meetings

  • At HEAD Meeting, Chicago, IL, 17–21 August 2014
    • XRSIG Meeting, Monday, August 18, 2014, 5:30-7:30 PM, Room: Huron AB
    • PCOS/PhysPAG Town Hall Meeting, Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 12:30-1:30 PM,
      Room: Great Lakes Grand Ballroom (this is the plenary room)
    • CANCELLED: CosmicSIG Meeting, Tuesday 2:00-4:00 PM, Room:Huron AB

    Note: For both the XRSIG Meeting and the PhysPAG Town Hall Meeting the telecon call-in numbers are as follows:

      • USA Toll Free #: 1-844-467-6272
      • USA Local/Toll #: 1-720-259-6462
      • Participant Passcode #: 152481

  • GWSIG Meeting, at LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting, Stanford, CA,
    July 2014, TBC
  • GammaSIG Meeting, at INTEGRAL Workshop, Annapolis, MD,
    15–19 September 2014
  • CMB Workshop (IPSIG discussion planned), Minneapolis, MN, Fall 2014
  • At 225th AAS Meeting, Seattle, WA, 4–8 January 2015
    • PhysPAG Town Hall Meeting, date and time TBD
    • CosmicSIG Meeting, date and time TBD
    • GammaSIG Meeting, date and time TBD
    • XRSIG Meeting, date and time TBD
  • GWSIG Meeting, at LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting, Pasadena, CA,
    February 2015, TBC

Past Meetings

Executive Committee

PhysPAG Executive Committee Selections, Memo from NASA Headquarters December 2013 [PDF]

J. Nousek, ChairPenn State Univ.X-raysJanuary 2015*
J. BookbinderSAOX-raysDecember 2015
M. BautzMITX-raysDecember 2016
S. HananyUniv. of MinnesotaCMB, suborbitalDecember 2014
J. BockCaltech/JPLCMB, suborbitalDecember 2016
G. MullerUniv. of FloridaGravitational WavesDecember 2014
N. CornishMontana State Univ.Gravitational WavesDecember 2016
J. RhodesJPLDark EnergyDecember 2014
R. BeanCornellDark EnergyDecember 2016
A. OlintoUniv. of ChicagoAstroparticlesDecember 2015
Eun-Suk SeoUniv. of MarylandAstroparticlesDecember 2016
L. HaysGSFCGamma-raysDecember 2014
M. McConnellUniv. of New HampshireGamma-raysDecember 2016
*Term to be extended 1 year as ex officio member until December 2015


Program News

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1 Aug 2014
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